About Us

Who we are

Our History

Wintec Software Solutions Ltd (hereafter WSS) is a leading Technology company based in Nairobi offering innovative technology solutions. We focus exclusively on providing high quality and cost-effective Software solutions and electronic systems. Our capabilities include but are not limited to Software development (multi-platform applications), Enterprise Systems development, Defensive and Offensive cyber-Solutions, Control systems and business automation, Telemetric and communication system and IT solutions/ consultancy. Established in 2017, Wintec software Solutions Ltd has built an unparalleled reputation for delivering exceptional solutions to different multi-national clients in both the private and public sectors of the economy.

Message From CEO

A chief executive officer (CEO), chief administrator, or just chief executive, is one of a number of corporates executives in charge of managing an organization – especially an independent legal entity such as a company or nonprofit institution. CEOs find roles in a range of organizations, including public and private corporations. The responsibilities of an organization’s CEO are set by the organization.

Together let’s keep going.

Clinton Murilla

MSc software Engineer – JKUAT, BSc electronics and Computer Engineering

Our Values

Our values are there to remind us of who we are, and what we want to be. They guide everything we do, from our approach to work, to how we treat people.

Our Mission

To simplify Technology and provide cutting edge IT solutions to all businesses & organizations. We aim at simplifying company processes, providing the best online platform to showcase brands and making communication smooth to all customers leveraging on technology as an enabler.

Our Vision

To be the best Technology partner of choice for businesses and organizations in Africa. We seek to be recognized by employees, customers and shareholders as being the best ICT company to do business with.

Our Brand

Wintec software Solutions Ltd also offers a wide range of robust technical solutions to solve various business needs ranging from computer hardware needs to software solutions. We have invested in unique and competitive ways of doing business through our Purpose - to Simplify Technology. Our innovative & creative technical team develops, implements, and executes solutions using modern technologies to meet the current and future customer needs.